Tips for the Substitute Teacher

Before You Arrive At School…

  • Bring along a “bag of tricks”- you never know what’s ahead sometimes as a substitute teacher. These items might just come in handy! 

stickers- a good incentive for lower elementary students; a whistle- to use during recess etc.; small candy- M&M’s, Mints, Goldfish, etc. (be aware of food allergies); children’s books; classroom games or songs.


Getting Off On The Right Foot…

  • Write your name and any brief instructions on chalkboard or whiteboard.

            MRS. BRILL 
  1. Sharpen your pencil
  2. Turn in your lunch order
  3. Begin working on math paper

  • Begin the class by introducing yourself and reassuring them of your expectations for the day.  Tell them you are expecting them to have a great day!  Be positive and assertive.
  • Remind them that you are not Mr. / Mrs. _______________ , so you may do things a little differently.    

  “It is especially important that you listen and follow directions today.  I know that you can help me with this; your teacher has already told me what a great class you are!”

  • Remind the students that if they have a question they should raise their hand and wait to be called on. Do not allow students to take charge of your classroom or acknowledge students who will not follow your expectations. Always respond positively to students. 

“John, I would be happy to answer your question, but I need you to raise your hand.”

  • Use praise as a powerful incentive.

  “Wow, I love the way Sarah is sitting quietly! She has already begun to work on her math paper.”

  “Thank you for raising your hand, what is your question?”

~ by rebeccabrill on March 30, 2011.